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College Recruiting Calendar

Did you know that NCAA Division I and II coaches can only talk to potential recruits at selected times of the year? As a coach, this information is very valuable when advising your players on recruitment and college visitations.

NCAA Division III has recruitment rules, but since they can not award athletic scholarships they do not have to follow the calendar that Division I and II must.

View the NCAA Recruiting calendar
You will need to register to get into this recruiting site on the NCAA website.
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Recruiting U series from Lacrosse Magazine

If you are interested in playing lacrosse in college you need to start early and do your homework.

Do some research by clicking the Recruiting U link:

Get seen by registering on one of the recruiting websites.
One site recommended by USLacrosse is http://lacrosserecruits.com/

Recruiting 101: Building Your Recruiting Profile

It is May and every college coach, regardless of level of competition, needs two items to properly evaluate a potential recruit:
1. A highlight reel and an unedited game video. The highlight reel shows the coach if you have the athletic ability he / she is looking for and the full game allows the coach to watch more if he / she is interested. Coaches are pressed for time and the highlight reel allows them to make a quick evaluation of the athlete. Include an isolation effect in each clip to help the coach find you. Do not waste the coach's time.
2. Academic transcript - Even if it is an unofficial transcript, this helps the coach figure out if you can even get into their school. If your academic profile does not match up, the coach has no reason to continue recruiting the student athlete. Moral of this story is HIT THE BOOKS!
To learn more about creating a highlight reel and an online recruiting profile, please visit http://lacrosserecruits.com/uslacrosse.php


Another site to check out is RecruitU2.com