Our mission is to promote and honor the sport of lacrosse for the purpose of developing a love of the game through positive coaching, community among players, parents, coaches and officials. Our goal in honoring the game is that the game of Lacrosse teach

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Northborough Southborough Youth Lacrosse
The Chief Volunteer Coordinator is the main person responsible for securing people to fulfill all of the volunteer openings which we need to run our program. Unlike other town sports, we do not require each family to volunteer or pay an extra fee if they do not. We have been fortunate that each year we have had enough people step forward to run our organization well.

The first thing you will want to do each year, is to check in with the Spirit Wear Coordinator in October to see if you all want to revise the clothing fundraiser to include ordering clothing in December with registration so it will be delivered at the start of practices in March and kids will have access to sweatshirts and/or sweatpants in the early season when they really need them. Reorders could then be done easily in early March if needed.
The NSYLA Volunteer Coordinator is the VIP whose purpose is to make sure parental support is available to all the NSYLA teams at the proper times during the season. The Volunteer Coordinator recruits, trains and provides support and guidance to volunteer subcommittees and sets them into motion at the proper time. Also, the volunteer coordinator maintains contact with the NSYLA President to provide additional support as needed.
The following key volunteers are in place for the season (check with them to make sure they are still available and make sure they have their instructions/necessary materials):
Chief Volunteer Coordinator – OPEN
Associate Officials Coordinator - OPEN
Business Sponsorship Coordinator - OPEN
Cannons Night Coordinator and Ticket Sales – OPEN

CORI Representative - Fred Mueller
Equipment Manager - Kevin Battles
Field Lining Chief - OPEN
Field Reservation Coordinator - Danny Whitt

FundRaising Chairperson - OPEN
Game Day Helpers - signed up during registration
Helmet Decals - Rich Holoubeck
MBYLL Representative - Danny Whitt
NSYLA Photographers - NEED Someone on each team (Contact Ric Carrerras)

Picture Day Coordinator - Ric Carreras

Pizza Party Coordinator - OPEN
Raffle Coordinator - OPEN
Referree Coordinator - OPEN
Roster Preparation and Sales – OPEN
Special Events Coordinator - OPEN
Spirit Wear Clothing – OPEN

Team Parents (1 to 2 per team) - signed up during registration
Team parents and additional volunteers may be recruited from registration lists as follows:
1.                  Request NSYLA Registration Excel sheet listing parents who have check off that they will volunteer in various capacities – Excel sheet comes from Bob Flynn or Team Registrar.
2.                  Sort form by age group and identify and confirm one main Team Parent for each Team at each age level. (use Auto Filter option from Data “drop-down” list to manipulate excel sheet info)
3.                  Provide names of all confirmed Team Parents to Bob Flynn PRIOR to splitting of teams so they can make sure there is a Team Parent on each Team.
4.                  After teams are split; sort volunteer sheet by team and provide a spreadsheet to each Team Parent listing volunteers (with phone and emails) by committee. It is helpful to set up an email address group for ease in communicating with Team Parents throughout the season.
5.                  It may also help to provide volunteer info sheet to each of your key volunteers so they will have access to email addresses for all volunteers
6.                  After Teams are split evenly, touch base with each Team Parent to advise them how to communicate and utilize with their volunteers.
Provide Team Parents with a list of their responsibilities (see sample). Encourage them to introduce themselves to their head coach and work out a plan for the season (which duties coach/team parent will handle)
Have Team Parents participate in early season activities
  • Uniform (record jersey #s and get them ASAP to person creating Rosters
  • NSYLA clothing distribution and sales (if done early next year)
  • Names and decals on helmets (Rich Holoubek/ )
Decide whether Volunteer Coordinator or each Team Parent will contact volunteers as opportunities arise (ie, when it is time for roster/decal sales, does Roster chairperson provide roster/decal packets to Team parents or does he/she distribute directly to the volunteers on each team who offered to help with that.)
-                     First Board Meeting-introductions, news, ideas
-                     registration
-                     Clothing coordinator prepares for season (if not done earlier)
-                     Request registration excel sheet from Registrar when available.
First practices
-                  Volunteers check helmets and take names of players who need helmet names and decals
-                     Gather names from all age groups and get names to Rich Holoubek to match up with his list of new players for complete list of helmet names needed
-                     CLOTHING – Spirit Wear coordinator offers (or presents opportunity for RE-order) team clothing and bags for sale at first practices.
-                     UNIFORMS – After teams have been split, uniform jersey #s recorded.
-                     ROSTERS – Jersey #s should be gathered and given to OPEN so she can prepare rosters. She will also need N/S decals (Coach Flynn has them) in order to prepare roster/decal packages for each team. At some point in the season, you or she will need to retrieve the roster/decal packages from each team and record proceeds and get the money collected to the Treasurer (John Doyle) for deposit.
-                     CANNON TICKETS – Activate Cannon Ticket Sales using the Spirit Wear Store. Stefanie Nardone (Cannons Coordinator) will work directly with the Cannons office to coordinate the day. Utilize the Team parents to help organize any tailgate activities for before th game.
-                     SCHEDULE PIZZA PARTY – As soon as Jamboree dates are determined, work with the Board to determine appropriate date for close of the season and raffle/pizza party. Work with Raffle/Pizza Coordinator (OPEN) to make sure the Route 135 Pavillion is booked and paperwork is filled out (or other location) as soon as possible. Work with Raffle Coordinator to make sure prizes are available, etc. (see separate raffle guidelines)
-                     Volunteer recognition – At some point toward the end of the season, remind teams to consider recognizing their coach, assistant coaches and team parents. Administrative staff is generally recognized with gift certificates using raffle proceeds.
Provide end of season to report to President and Treasurer regarding funds raised, expenses, notes on what worked well and suggestions for the next year. Try to have key volunteers in place for next year.