Our mission is to promote and honor the sport of lacrosse for the purpose of developing a love of the game through positive coaching, community among players, parents, coaches and officials. Our goal in honoring the game is that the game of Lacrosse teach

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This is the person who is in charge of assembling the information for the plastic rosters we produce.
You will then go to a place such as QuikPrint to produce laminated rosters that we sell to the parents as a fund raiser.

You will coordinate with the Team Parents the distribution of rosters/decals and the collection of the proceeds and get those to the Treasurer.

At the start of each NSYLA Season, after players have been split into teams, rosters are prepared, laminated and offered for sale to team families.
For the past few years, rosters have been offered for sale along with N/S car decals.  Rosters sell for $5 and it comes with a car decal. All monies after the cost of preparing the laminated sheets goes directly to the Treasurer as a fundraiser. When we first began doing rosters, the volunteer made them up herself, copied, laminated and cut at Staples. For the last several years they were prepared by Quikprint for about $.75 per roster—about $150 total for 12 teams.  Also, years ago, many dozen keyclips were purchased at Oriental Trading but they have been used up. You may wish to purchase more, or something else.
GUIDELINES:  This is how rosters have been prepared in the past.  Anything that makes the process easier or more efficient is a welcome change.


  1. When uniforms are purchased before the season, jersey numbers are recorded by the volunteers.  Obtain these jersey #s from all teams as soon as possible.
  2. Request a soft copy of Excel Registration sheet from the NSYLA Registrar.  You will use this document to prepare the rosters. All returning players have their jersey numbers in the database.
  3. Highlight the entire Registration spreadsheet by clicking on upper-left corner of spreadsheet, then click on Data (on the toolbar), then Auto-filter (on the drop-down list) to enable manipulation of all columns of spreadsheet.
  4. Add in a new column next to name and age group columns for Team Color (Gold, Maroon, White or Black) and fill those letters in according to team placement.
  5. Auto-filter Spreadsheet using the Age Level column into individual Age groups, ie, pull out the U15’s only.  Then sort by team color.
  6. You can choose to highlight only the names in each team at that point, for example, the U15-White team names.  Highlight, copy, then paste them into the ROSTER TEMPLATE file.  At that point you can type in the jersey #s you have collected for that team
  7. Then you can copy that information into the other 2 roster forms on the template so you have a full sheet (3 rosters) of the same information.
  8. I save each sheet in its own labeled file so I would not have to redo each roster completely if any information changes.
  9. Next, you can highlight the names and numbers in a roster, then sort by # instead of alphabet, and copy that information into the “Roster Template by number” form; then make a sheet with 3 of them and save. (see samples)
  10. Go back to the master registration sheet and complete the process for each of the other teams.
  11. You should end up with 2 sheets per team; one side in numerical order with coaches at the bottom and one side in alphabetical order with the team parent(s) on the bottom.  The sheets should match up pretty closely when held up to light.     If you really have trouble with this, old-fashioned cut and paste will do the trick.
  12. Before finalizing rosters, make sure you have received notice of any final trades or additions to teams.
  13. Bring final roster sheets to your chosen copy center along with a sample from last year.  Make enough copies to have one per family plus one for each coach.  For Quikprint, see Kim Lewis-- 216 Boston Rd, Southborough, MA 01772 (508) 481-7709




  1. Prepare a ziplock bag for each team including rosters and about 20 N/S decals.
  2. Get Ziplock bags to each Team Parent along with price they should charge for them (e.g., $5. for a roster with a decal)
  3. Give them instructions to offer these to families at games, practices.  Most takers will want them at the first game or two of the season.
  4. Make sure to keep track of who has the ziplock bags.  When demand has been taken care of, collect proceeds along with remaining decals and return all to Volunteer Coordinator, who will give proceeds to Treasurer and decals to raffle coordinator.

IF you have any questions as you prepare the rosters, please do not hesitate to contact me.  Volunteer Coordinator Name, email, phone here