Our mission is to promote and honor the sport of lacrosse for the purpose of developing a love of the game through positive coaching, community among players, parents, coaches and officials. Our goal in honoring the game is that the game of Lacrosse teach

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Mass Bay Youth Lacrosse League Jamboree Overview

The Jamboree is on. Rain or shine.

You have likely already received some notes from your coaches about the Jamboree. In addition to that I would like to add the following:

This is a very large, very fun event!
  • Anticipate 40-45 minutes' drive time to get there.
  • There will be plenty of parking, however there is a single road that everyone drives in on, so expect traffic.
  • Bring plenty of water.
  • All boys should wear their game jerseys AND bring your pinney's!
  • Plan to be on the field and ready to play at least 30 minutes before your first game.
  • All games start on time, ready or not.
  • The fields typically are marked with numbers hanging from the nets.
  • If you cannot make the games please let your coach know.
This is the largest Youth Lacrosse jamboree in the country. We will have over 350 teams playing on at least 11 different fields from 8:00 AM in the morning till 6:00 PM at night over two weekends. Each team will have 3 games. There will be lacrosse equipment sales, food and beverage, games, clinics, and much more. It is a not to be missed event!

The Jamboree staff makes an attempt to provide 3 games with teams that your team does not normally play, due to the complexity of the scheduling process that is not always possible. Some teams may be asked to play a 4th game in order to balance the schedule.

The Jamboree staff tries in general to have team play in a format of game-off-game-off-game.

Directions to Devens from the North, South, and East
· Route 495 to Route 2 West
· Exit 37B Jackson Road/Devens
· Follow Jackson Road and then follow signs for parking

Parking & Rules
  1. Follow Jackson Road signage to designated parking areas
    Large Events Team/Equipment Drop Off area ( Map - Lot "F") - NO parking in drop off area
    Buena Vista Street will be blocked off to traffic
    Handicap Parking available near Rogers, Antietam and Willard Field
    NO PARKING in lot G
    Once lots are full they will be closed - proceed to the next available lot
    There will be a drop off location at Trinity Church on Jackson Road
  2. Parking will be strictly controlled and patrolled by State Police
  3. There will be Parking Attendants to direct people to permitted parking lots
  4. On street parking or parking on grassed areas is NOT allowed anywhere on Devens
  5. Illegally parked cars will be ticketed and towed
  6. There will be shuttle golf carts to shuttle attendees from parking lots to field locations
  7. No Parking on Street or on Grass Area
  8. Cars that park in unauthorized locations will be ticketed and towed
  • No Alcoholic beverages allowed
  • No Grills allowed
  • No glass bottles allowed
  • No overnight camping permitted
  • No Dogs allowed
  • Attendees are responsible for picking up all trash, bottles, etc. after themselves
  • Portable toilets are provided for bathroom requirements
  • All play will be halted given adverse weather conditions
  • Games missed by adverse weather conditions will not be rescheduled
  • No tents are allowed between fields, People can set up tents along the outside perimeter of the parade grounds. 
  • Attendees must pick up their own trash using provided barrels and garbage bags

  • Coaches are required to check in at MBYLL Headquarters a minimum of 30 minutes before their first game
  • Teams must have pinnies available
  • Teams must provide game balls
  • Teams must be at their next field, dressed and ready to play a minimum of 10 minutes before the end of preceding game
  • Teams are fully expected to play all games assigned to them.  Cancellation of the Jamboree or of any games has a significantly unfair affect on the other team(s) parents, and players that were expecting to play.  Teams that do not show or leave before playing scheduled games may be penalized by being barred from next Jamboree
  • Coaches need to have their team pick up their trash and bottles after each game
Jamboree Game Management
All teams will be assigned 3 games.  Games will be played based on 18 minutes halves using 'running time" with a 4 minute half time.  All games will start and stop at the same time.  Delays in the game due to injury, teams being late, or time outs will not affect the start and stop time of the game. 
There will be no time serving penalties.  In the event of technical/personal foul the player committing the foul will be removed from the field for a minimum of the duration of the penalty and can be replaced with a new player.  The team having the foul committed against them will be given a fast-break opportunity from mid-field.
Any player with 3 personal fouls in a game will be ejected from the game.

U15 players are subject to ejection for even one personal foul if the referee deems it intentional. Safety is our primary concern.
"Unsportsman-Like" Foul
In the case of an "unsportsman-like" foul (hitting with the intent to hurt, fight, abusive language) will result in the immediate removal of the player from the game and all remaining games.
Games will be running time. We only have 5 minutes prior to the start of each game to warm up and be ready to play. The game clock starts at the scheduled start time, whether or not the teams are ready to play!   Please be ready.

Team Schedules can be found here

Field Map can be found here