Our mission is to promote and honor the sport of lacrosse for the purpose of developing a love of the game through positive coaching, community among players, parents, coaches and officials. Our goal in honoring the game is that the game of Lacrosse teach

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The Fiscal Year for NSYLA is October 1 through September 30
  Our Annual Calendar of Meetings is:

     October - Elections of Officers and set Registration
     November - Registration numbers and waitlist
     January - Teams and Coaching assignments
     February - Schedules and final season prep
     March - Practice Kickoff and Coach Training
     May - Mid season meeting checkup
     June - End of Season wrap up
     September - Nominations for next year Board of Directors


Upcoming Board Meetings:

The next Board of Directors meeting is Wednesday, September 13, 2017 from 6:30-8:00 PM at TBD location. All are welcome.


NSYLA Board Meeting Minutes from previous meetings:

2012 December 5 Meeting Minutes 
2012 November 20 Meeting Minutes
2012 October 17 Meeting Minutes
2012 March 14 Meeting Minutes
2012 February 8 Meeting Minutes
2012 January 11 Meeting was postponed
2011 November 30 Meeting Minutes
2011 October 26 Meeting Minutes
2011 September 28 Meeting Minutes
2011 June 27 Meeting Minutes
October 14, 2010 Meeting Minutes


Duties of Directors of Non-Profit Corporations

Directors are subject to two primary obligations which are:

  • a duty of care
  • a duty of loyalty

The duty of care and the duty of loyalty are the common terms for the standards that guide all actions that a director of a non-profit corporation takes. The standards are not dissimilar from those applied to directors of business corporations.
The Duty of Care:
The duty of care requires a director to act in a reasonable and informed manner when participating in the Board's decisions and in its oversight of management. The duty of care requires that a director act in good faith. Elements of the duty of care:

  • attend meetings/participate
  • be informed
  • exercise independent judgment
  • rely on others only when appropriate

The Duty of Loyalty:
The duty of loyalty requires a director to act in the best interests of the corporation, rather than in the director's own interest or the interest of another organization or person. A director should not use a corporate position for individual advantage. Elements of the duty of loyalty:

  • avoid conflicts of interest
  • do not seize corporate opportunities
  • maintain confidentiality

 Board of Directors Organizational Structure for NSYLA

Link to Mass Bay Youth Lacrosse League Board Meeting Minutes:
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